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Pot life 23° c: 8-12 hours

Colour: clear

Solid contents: 75% in ethyl acetate

Visocosity: 200-400-600

NCO contents: 13-14%

Density 20° c: 1,05 g/cm3

Package: 1,0 kg al-can or 60 kg drum


To improve the heat resistance of polyurethane and other waterbased adhesives 3-5% of UNI-DUR WB 7021 is added to the dispersion by mechanical stirrer.

UNI-DUR WB 7021 is developped specially for the use with TACK TREAT AS 3000 and other TACK TREAT systems. With the addition of 5-7% a very high initial bonding is achieved. Also a drying time of 5 min. can be realized.

The addition of UNI-DUR WB 70721 improves significantly the adhesion, cohesion and mainly the heat resistance of the final bond.

The dried films are clear and non yellowing.

For better bonding results UNI-DUR WB 7075 contains a small amount of non dangerous solvents (ethyl acetate)